PAINT! It can change your life. Or at least your kitchen.

Step one: lay down plastic and lightly sand the furniture you wish to paint.

Step two: get our your handy dandy paint suppliers that you bought at Bricorama yesterday.

Opps! go back go back you skipped a step...take table apart, THEN take out paint supplies!

Step three: Paint like you've never painted before!

Step four: wait 24 hours (or more if you are a patient person)

Step five: TA DA! Admire your work!

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  1. Anonymous1/29/2010

    Now I have the insatiable urge to paint something...


    Also, how cute is your little breakfast nook! Oh Euro-city living. So so cute.

  2. LOVE IT!! I'm inspired....my desk??? xo

  3. merci! am a sucker for all things checkered in the kitchen! ps - my bf tried to order stuffed sardines at a restaurant the other day and they were out which leads me to believe that they are very popular...

    moom - do it! ps, very impressed by the comment - you figured it out!


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