4 Reasons for Concern

I'm starting to worry. It finally stopped snowing in Cannes after three full hours of hard, falling down can't see ahead of you cars driving slowly cold grizzly snow.

The beach in Cannes - dip in the Med anyone?

I'm a little stress-ed out for a few reasons which I am going to share with you now because let's be honest, you want to know all about it I'm sure:

1. I got this text from Copain this morning: I'm hitch hiking.
Then I got the a follow up text: I've tried the scoot and I fell down. I'm in a truck now.

So here is the problem - I have now sent 3 texts to find out whose truck he is in - if he was hurt when he fell down, is the person driving the truck a crazy wack job with one tooth etc AND called three times, but no answer.  Considering that snow is covering the streets of the Riviera and that his office is at higher elevation where snow would be falling more profusely - I'm a little worried. Where is the truck now? Only the big Wo-Man in the sky knows...

2. We've heard that the electricity is supposed to go out on the coast from 5pm to 8pm. Our train for Paris is at 8.28pm.  28 minutes is not enough time for France to get it together after a power outage - they need at least two hours. Riiiiiight.

3. I'm not so sure I want to be stuck in the middle of La France in the snow in a sleeper car on a train with 7 other people who may or may not snore and who may or may not fart.

4. If we do make it to Paris alive, will I be in a chambre d'hote all weekend because the city will be a snowy cold Parisian mess? et merde...

And speaking of merde - it's a lot harder to see when it has been covered with snow. To all of my fellow Anglos out there - watch where you step - dogs are sneaky - it could get nasty out there.

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