No Place Like Paris

We are off to Paris this weekend for some birthday celebration and all 'round city excitement! Paris isn't just Paris for us - it is THE BEST CITY IN THE WORLD. We love love love it. Love. It.

The very first time I went to Paris, I was only 15 years old, traveling with my American friend and neighbor J and my German friends, L and K. We decided that the first person to spot the Eiffel Tower would be treated to ice cream by the rest of us. Unfortunately, I didn't win and I don't even remember who did, but I do remember that we were on the roof of Les Printemps department store and that it was amazing.

I don't care how many times I've seen the Eiffel Tower since then - every time I see it is like seeing it for the first time. I still get a little skip of excitement in my chest.

Isn't this amazing???

Instead of staying at our usual hotel on Boulevard Beaumarchais, we are going to stay at a chambre d'hote - Chez Carine. A steal compared to hotel prices in the city! And look how friggin cute it is - with petit déjeuner! (bring on the chocolatines!) We happen to know Carine which does make things easier, but there are tons of chambre d'hotes all over the city which cost less than staying at a hotel AND you often meet a local who is happy to show you the ropes in the city of light. My only qualm is that many of them don't have a private toilet/shower...or it costs more to have one.  But I'm on an adventure and I will deal!

Our train de nuit leaves Cannes at 8.20 tomorrow evening and we are both on opposite top bunks in a sleeper car - I've heard that having the top bunk in winter is warmer AND we are a little safer from any thievery that may take place on a night train. I normally travel in the women only car (oh yes I do!) but Copain will be with me, so pray that we don't bunk with any load snorers or farters. Seriously, pray for me. I'm deeply concerned. I mean, I can pack earplugs but I still have to breathe regardless - farts or no farts. Also, I'm planning on drinking very little water - going up and down the bunk ladder to the train toilette in utter darkness may be hazardous.

We get in at 7.30am then we'll be off to Carine's abode and Paris will be at our fingertips! Ah Parreeeeeee!

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