French Riviera Fashion Report Does Paris!

It's nice to know that what Seinfeld called a European Carryall, what The Hangover calls a Satchel and what I call a Murse  is still in full effect on the streets of gay Parrreeeee!  I mean, gay and straight Parreee - I mean they all wear 'em. Even my very French boyfriend. I feel like this phenomenon might be spreading to the States - men searching for solutions to their everyday needs...where to put their wallets, chewing gum and lip moisturizers. I recently learned that my very American right-wing-gun-sliggin brother is shopping for a "side-bag".  Apparently side bags are more accepted on that side of the Atlantic - it's all in the lingo mes amies!

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  1. hahahahaha!! yeah, that's right, guys need purses too!


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