Brownie Points for Paris

After a very rude welcome to Paris including but not limited to: water damage repair, 10 days of painting, plaster, dust, a plumber, white paint flicks on just about everything, a weird man lingering in my stairwell asking for money for his "asthma medication" and the news that there is a new leak upstairs due to a shower that isn't water-tight therefore resulting in 2 to 3 months of wall-drying time for our apartment, Paris is finally winning back some brownie points. It's hard to believe I know, but it's true.

Just being able to put my things in their place instead of crammed in my bedroom has already made my life happier.  Starting my morning barefoot in my own house with a cup of coffee on my couch (not covered in a painting sheet) has also increased my happy factor.  And yesterday, walking through the Marais at dusk, watching the Parisians picnic at the Place des Vosges, a bass player plucking along while aperitifs began on the café terraces, I began to remember why I moved to Paris.  This is what I was hoping for...this is why I was pulled here.

Today began with reinforcing my points de repère... yoga was taught by a hilarious Japanese teacher who should really consider a career in coaching - not yoga. But I loved it anyways and was happy to even be able to take the class.  Then a frothy iced coffee and almond biscuit with Clauds near Le Printemps...just what I needed to feel normal again! I wore something other than the jeans, converse and tank top uniform I have been sporting every since we arrived here as I could not previously access my wardrobe because EVERYTHING was blocking it due to the above-mentioned painting disaster. Ah the joy of rings, makeup and ballerina shoes!  Who knew!

I have done laundry, organized bookshelves, made fresh salads and watched countless Sex and the City episodes - and I love it. All of these simple things that make me feel at home.... Tomorrow, lunch in the city with C and ...who knows! Keep up the good work Paris - I'm counting on you my friend..

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