My Feet Are American, obviously

What's the Frenchwoman's secret to feet without blisters, legs without shin splints and backs and hips without shooting pains? I need to know before my excessive Paris walking gets the better of me! I've given up heels altogether after two unfortunate experiences (you'd think I would have learned the first time, but no, I was sure I could handle it).

I was wrong.

Is it Mephisto shoes? Is it Birkenstocks? Is it Repetto ballerinas? Do they have differently shaped feet? Is it all the cheese? WHAT IS THE SECRET?!

Please advise.


  1. They probably sneak orthotics into those heels!!! It IS all about appearance...is it not?? xoxo PS Did the Dansko's make it to Paris?? (Kidding!)

  2. Yep, that's a tough one.
    After Toulouse, I traded in chic for more citadine with my flat boots...as for summer chic or summer citadine there is a great shoe store here in Marseille, and their prices are reasonable, shoes amazing and unbelievably comfortable...(so wanna come soon?) (-;


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