This is Paris

Every June 21st the entire country of France welcomes in the summer months with the Fête de la Musique - a huge music festival that begins at 8.30 and lasts until 2am.  In Paris, musicians young and old, professional and amateur fill the streets, squares and banks of the Seine with their drums, pianos, DJ sets and voices...

Parisians finish their evening aperitifs and join in the party...swaying to the sax at Voltaire, bouncing to the percussion beats by the Pont de l'Archevêché and pushing their way through the techno clubber-filled streets of the Marais.

But sometimes, in sleepy neighborhoods, the streets are quiet and you wonder where the Fête may have gone....until you find it again at a tiny bar du quartier, two fiddle players begin their tune, and the couples break out into a two by two jig right there on the sidewalk.

And then you remember ....this is Paris.

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  1. Oh Honey....I'm so glad that Paris has again befriended you. I "hear" in your appreciation for the little things that you have remembered what took you to France in the first place! Enjoy! Water damage....it can happen anywhere...even in Santa Clarita. A city-wide Fete de la Musique...well...it really IS the little things that fill our lives! xoxo M.


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