Pauvre Marthe (and poor me!)

When I hear about new TV shows in the US, I know that if I'm patient enough they will ultimately come to the land of wine and cheese. This was the case for Friends, American Idol (perhaps not so cool anymore?), Greys Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother, Who Wants to be a Millionaire etc etc. While the French dubbing makes me want to tear my eyes out (French Ross Gellar anyone??) with time I can generally get over it and enjoy the wonderfulness that is American TV  (and sometimes Copain figures out how to watch the shows in English!!! Merci Copain!!).

So when I heard that Dancing with the Stars (Danse avec les Stars) was headed to La France I was excited to watch some new American genius.

Only- dude. Dubble-you-tee-eff.  Les Stars Français CANNOT DANCE.  Was this the case for Jennie Garth? Brandy? Bristol? Kelly Osbourne (or was she just in the UK)?  And who decided it was a good idea to do a paso doble to the song "Pretty Woman"??!!!

Do the Americans cast the equivalent of the 82 year-old Frenchie Marthe Mercadier (who was oh-so-sweet but who could have broken a poor little French hip)? Don't get me wrong, I totally dug her Celine Dion searching searching face during her Titanic performance but well, oh dear, pauvre Marthe. The headlines today in the French press said that she had  "fait naufrage" (was shipwrecked!) after Saturday's performance.

Is the show this lame-o-rific in the states too? Are the Frenchies doing something wrong? Isn't it fairly easy to follow a program format?  oh. la. la. - and not in a good way.

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  1. As a huge fan of Strictly come Dancing (the UK and dare I say it, orginial version of "dancing with the stars"), I am with you on this. The French version is utter rubbish! So much so that I could only bring myself to watch the first episode, and even the, when my internet cut out just before the end I didn't even care who got knocked out, and don't know to this day.
    In the English version, the judges are strict, at least one of them is gloriously rude to the celebs, and they do really dances to appropriate music.
    Stupid French TV. I'm sticking with Topchef.




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