La Dixième Liste

oooooh List number 10! - Wishlist

  • I wish I wasn't so tired (I wish for super power energy??)
  • A better pair of slim black jeans (mine are 10 Euro H&M style...fading fast)
  • A spa day (massage, facial, foot massage, pedicure...the works!)
  • More patience - less stubborn FCC
  • Clarins night cream (this stuff is so expensive! 62 Euros!! no way I can justify the expense)
  • The motivation to learn how to actually use my Mac (I'm still thrilled I can copy and paste)
  • To be a home/apartment owner (I'm so sick of renting I could spit)
  • To see my family soon (it will have been a year since I've been back to the states on March 23rd I think...weird huh?)
  • To spend some time with Copain - which is why we are going out tonight (sushi? mexican (dare I in France??), just drinks? hmmmm)


  1. Hope you had a lovely night out!

  2. Dear French Cannes Cannes - Hello - It is 7:16 p.m. PST....Friday, March 11, 2011. I do not see your "list" for today. I am sincerely disapponted and you do not understand that I am loving these lists! I will bribe you with the promise of Clarins night cream if you keep up with this list. I am so enjoying it. (Do NOT ask how my list is going...in a word...it's not.)

    xoxo M


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