Ah! Back on the Train with the Onzième and Douzième Listes!

Oh M**rde! I fell off the train!

Work, life, Copain...excuses excuses...I'll stop them now and just get on with it...(playing catch up here!)

List 11 - Date Night Ideas

- happy hour at a pub followed by sushi (staple FCC / Copain date night) + walk home through Paris

- Picard dinner (steak, grenaille potatoes with olive oil and rock salt, green beans, red wine) + Californication series - this was our date night last night (I was too exhausted to think about going out on Saturday)

- Cheap theatre show + cozy bistro dinner

- Hike in the mountains + picnic lunch (this was our Sunday event when we lived in Cannes)

- Walk to Luxembourg Gardens + shared coffee and eclair for the gouter (snack time!) This was our Saturday day event this weekend...love love love (even when it started raining!)

(we aren't big date night people - can you tell??)


List 12 -  Weekly Rituals

Now this I can get behind! I have daily rituals, weekly rituals - you name it, I probably made it into a ritual (OCD much??)

- gym twice a week (trying to make this a ritual...it's rough)

- walk home (i love walking home from work - I try to do it a few times a week...this is also my time to call friends and fam and talk as I ...walk:-)

- I was making a ritual of Danse avec des Stars, but last night that went down the toilet. Ps- anyone else seen the tabloids with the news that Adriana Karembeu left her husband of 13 years? 

-MTWTHF - blog reading!! (I am embarrassed to admit that despite my best intentions, I haven't read a novel since Copain left for the states...that would be over 7 months. I am as horrified as you...)

-Every week I try to meet up with friends - coffee and crèpes, happy hour, dinner out - whatever it may be, just to catch up and girl talk it out.

I am realizing a few things while typing this:
1. My rituals are daily - not weekly.
2. Ever since Copain came back to Paris, my rituals are all out of whack (I used to do grocery shopping and marché shopping every week, I used to do a pedicure every week, I used to call home every week....and now, I'm still figuring out the equilibrium...hmmm verrrry verrry interesting....)

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