Like so Totally OCD, for sure

My mornings are like clockwork:

My alarm goes off.
I hit snooze.
The alarm goes off again.
I turn off the alarm.
I open my emails on my Iphone.
I read any new ones.
(this is where there is variation...): Sometimes I check Facebook, sometimes I don't.  Crazy, I know.

I lie in bed for about another five minutes trying to wake up.
I get out of bed and put on sweats and slippers.
I walk into the living room.
I go to the toilette.
I prepare the coffee and let it brew.
While coffee is brewing I prepare a mug with some milk.
I turn on the radio.
I prepare my lunch in a tupperware and put my breakfast biscuits on the counter to take to work.
The coffee is ready. I poor it in the mug.
I pour a glass of fresh water to drink after my coffee.

I plop on the couch and drink my coffee.
While I drink I think about what outfit I will wear depending on the weather. I realize I don't know what the weather will be...
I drink the water.
I realize how late it is and I go to the bathroom to get ready.
I wash my face.
I put on deodorant.
I put on face lotion.
I brush my teeth.
I put in my contact lenses.

I go to the toilette. again.
I pick out my outfit.
I put the outfit on.
I look in the mirror and debate whether or not I like the outfit.
I tell myself to stop being stupid and just go with it.
I go with it.

I go back into the bathroom.
I do my makeup.
I do my hair - this involves two seconds and a bobby pin. voila.
I put on my jewelry - 2 rings, earrings and a watch.
I put on my shoes.
I look in the mirror again.
I decide to go with it, again.

I put my lunch in my second hand bag for work.
I double check that the stove is off.
I double check that the lights are off.
I double check that my phone is in my purse.
I double check that my work keys are in my purse.

I grab my house keys.
I grab my two bags.
I walk onto the landing and lock my door.
I walk down to the 3rd floor and wonder whether or not I locked my door.
I go back upstairs and double check my door.
My door is locked.

I go all the way downstairs and walk to the metro.  Three stops and I change lines.
Two stops and I get out.

I walk down the street and make a left.
I walk to number 6 and open the door to work.

So you can imagine my surprise today when a Katy Perry (featuring Snoop Dogg) song about California girls came on the radio and I got a sudden case of homesickness - all during my bathroom preparation time. It was awful with knots in my stomach and daydreams of BBQs, car washes and my dad carrying a cooler on the beach whilst sporting a hip visor.  It just came out of no where and in my scheduled morning I didn't know what to do with it.  I had to remind myself why Paris is so great - Eiffel tower and all that crap.  But it didn't work. Somehow the sound of Snoop Dogg and Katy Perry singing about daisy dukes  and bikinis on top just got me all choked up.

I might have to stop listening to the radio - it throws off my whole morning.

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  1. Oh, Debo. Where would you ever see a normal-looking man walking towards you and putting on bright pink lipstick? Where would you go to eat steak tartar on a cute little terrace surrounded by cobblestones and waiters dressed in white aprons? Where would you go if you wanted to eat one (or two) millefeuilles? Paris.
    Don't let the Daisy Dukes get you down...


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