Oh My Millefeuille

I just realized it - just this very moment - that today is my 6 year France-iversary.  I've been living in France for SIX years now - ooooh la.  C'est crazy non??!

Don't ask me why it took me six years to appreciate French pastries, but it did, and tonight I have officially GONE TOO FAR.

It all started so reasonably...a millefeuille here, a fraisier there, a chocolate raspberry amazingness for the road....until one day it became my quest to find the best millefeuile in Paris.  I would scour the quartiers on Saturday afternoons searching for a millefeuille in one of the million boulangeries - purchasing the first one I saw and forcing myself to wait until dessert time to eat it.

Now I don't even wait for the weekend.  I see one, I buy it, I eat it. For lunch, dinner, dessert - whatever.
Last night on my way home I saw one peeking out of the bakery window.  Not one to leave a millefeuille sad and alone for the night, I popped in to buy it and ate it after my healthy high protein dinner negating any and all effort towards a well-balanced meal.

Tonight though - wow. Tonight took the cake - literally.  I was doing my grocery shopping around the corner in order to pick up a few things before Sunny Life comes for the weekend. All of a sudden I saw it -no, them! Not one but TWO millefeuille in a nice little box sitting in the bakery section of the supermarket.  They taunted me and with no willpower left in me at 8.30 pm I snatched them up!  I thought I would wait until Sunny Life came to enjoy them for dessert one night- but I had no strength - I failed, my friends.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, FrenchCannesCannes has eaten the millefeuilles - all two of them - in ONE sitting.

My only excuse is that it is my 6 year France-iversary....it just would have been a more plausible excuse had I realized that fact before the pig out.


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