La Huitième Liste

List Number 8!! Eight is great! (too much Sesame Street as a kid me thinks)

What's in My Bag??

Let me preface this by requesting that my list never get sent to my chiropractor who would most certainly NOT approve of the amount of ish I carry around everyday...

Bag I'm currently using:  just recently changed from a funky brown leather over-the-shoulder one that I bought in Cannes, to a green leather cross-in-front-of-you one that I got in Florence.  I love that it is green :-)

  1. wallet
  2. 3 pens
  3. Navigo pass (metro pass)
  4. Iphone
  5. Iphone charger
  6. house keys
  7. work keys (a MONDO key chain!)
  8. printed essential work info (stuck in a plastic paper protector and folded in four)
  9. Paris Pratique (mini book that has maps of all of the arrondissements in Paris)
  10. Girl pack: doliprane (pain reliever), dramamine (car sickness), tampons, bandaids, bobby pins, nail file (I take after my mother - she always says she is a girl scout at heart)
  11. Tic tacs
  12. pack of tissues (no French woman goes without them - I learned this my first year in Toulouse when I kept finding myself stuck in restrooms with ahem...no toilet paper.)
  13. Mac powder compact (that I carry around, yet never use)
  14. 2 lip glosses
  15. 1 lipstick (probably never use this either, but I like knowing it's there in case I need some instant glam...you know, for all those errr glamourous moments in my life...right....)
  16. a pair of Iphone compatible gloves (thanks mom!)
  17. small pot of shea butter hand cream (good stuff)
  18. hand sanitizer (a must for a metro user)
  19. sunglasses (newest addition for the sunny weather!!)

What flies in and out of my purse? a beanie (for cold days!)

Now all I need is a pup tent and a sleeping bag and I'm good to go!

One of my favorite bags...I'm sure I'll be bringin it back in the mix next week

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