La Septième Liste

Olé! List 7 of 30 days of Lists - this means I've done one week of lists (mini dance of joy in honor of my stick-to-it-tiveness - yes, it's a word.)

List 7: Blog Goals (how fitting since I am bloggin away at my lists...)

  • Not drop the ball like I did in December, January and February (yikes - What happened?)
  • Keep my eyes, ears (senses in general) TUNED IN - it's by observing France, people, expats, craziness that I get my best inspiration...
  • Consider making it more positive (but griping is so fun!)
  • Consider French Riviera Fashion Report - Parisian style (any good thoughts for a name for this feature??) 
  • Have fun ...otherwise, why do it at all?

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