La Quatrième Liste

I'm still in the game! 30 Days of Lists continues with la quatrième liste -

List 4 - Today's playlist...

hmmmm, this is going to be hard - mostly because as a Parisian walker who is hyper vigilant and therefore refuses to turn off one of her senses to an ipod (what if someone comes running from behind me to grab my bag?!! I need to hear that coming!), I so very rarely listen to music during the day.  So here we go with my Parisian playlist...

  • the sound of the bus whizzing by me on rue des Francs Bourgeois during my walk home
  • the sound of my loud neighbors when I opened my bathroom window to air it out after my shower
  • the sound of the accordion player on the metro...I've seen this guy before - he always makes me smile when he says "Excusez-moi de vous déranger Monsieur-dames, bonne journée, bonne santé!"
  • the sound of my neighbors walking up the wooden stairs of my building and letting themselves into their apartments
  • the sound of the English girls contemplating how to label the store Monoprix (is it a grocery store? a clothing store?) They must not know about Target!! (ps - Monoprix is my absolute favorite store in France)

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