La Cinquième Liste

I'm not going to lie - blogging everyday isn't easy...but 30 Days of Lists is what I'm working towards...so here we go...

List number 5- Weekend Goals

  • Clean the apartment (getting a leeeetle bit nasty)
  • Change the bed sheets / duvet (I hate hate hate changing duvet covers)
  • Take time for me (done! - yoga this morning, walk around town, brocante shopping, at-home pedicure, Danse avec les Stars - I know, I know, I said it was crap but I'm hooked, homemade tapioca and banana dessert!)
  • Potential hang time with Sunny on Sunday
  • Finish up monthly finances (oh joy)
  • Wish my college roomie in NY a happy happy birthday! (it's today!)
  • Fix the horrible winter situation that is taking over my face (anyone know of any miracle cures for wrinkles, dry skin and dark circles???)
  • Enjoy my coffee in my robe - on my couch- on Sunday morning

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