La Bataille!

I've never been one of those women who freaked about wrinkles or gray hair or ....whatever. But now I know why:  I didn't have any to worry about.

This my friends is no longer the case! 

Is it age? ( I'm not even 30 yet!)

It is stress? (possible...)

Though age and stress may be factors in the catastrophe that is now my face, I am convinced the real culprit is PARIS. More specifically WINTER in PARIS. 

When I look in the mirror in the morning (the horror, the horror!), this is what I see:
- dark circles under my (squinty, tired) eyes
- blotchy skin (red, pink, yellow, beige..whaaaa???)
- chapped lips
- one smile line on the left side of my face (I'll let this slide, it must mean I'm a happy person)
- AND the beginning of wrinkles under my eyes!!!


This was not the case in Cannes! This was not the case in Toulouse - even in the winter! But Paris - Paris is just doing a number on my visage.

I splash cold water on my face in the morning, hoping some color will come into my cheeks. I put in moisturizing eye drops so that my eyes are less squinty and I can put in my contacts. Sephora has become my new best friend as I have had to invest in additional concealer and face makeup just so that I resemble someone who is alive. It's not a pretty picture, I'm telling you.

My friend C has taken to faux tanning but I just can't bring myself to do it (I wear mineral spf 30 everyday - wouldn't that be counter productive??)

What's a fille to do?  Paris is slowly but surely winning this battle...and I need a counter attack!

help. please?


  1. Pure petroleum jelly at night a couple night a week. My grandmother swore by it and her skin was amazing until she passed away at 83. :)

  2. ooooh like Vaseline style??? I just may try it....


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