La Sixième Liste

Here we go with List number Six!

Least Favorite Words...

Yaourt (yogurt in French...this word took me YEARS to pronounce correctly!)

Good bye (call me superstitious, but I would rather just say "see you later" - you know, like before getting on a plane...)

My name, pronounced in French - soo soooo ugly (don't worry mom! In English I like it:-)

Forever (the thought of forever or eternity is just too stressful for me)

Ce n'est pas possible (the French LOVE this expression - it's the go to expression meaning "I can't be bothered with your request right now, therefore, ce n'est pas possible - it's not possible! Hearing it makes me cringe.)

Homeland Security (when I watch the homeland security video on planes when I arrive in the states, I pretend I'm foreign.)

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