La Seizième Liste

List 16 - Places to See in Your Town

I feel like I have lots of towns with lots of cool things to see - so here is a méli-melo (mash up?!) of my towns and their lists :-)

Toulouse (my first French town)
-Capitole (at night!)
-the view from La Garonne river at La Daurade
-St Sernin cathedral (also at night!) + go on Sundays for the flea market
-the fruit and veggie marché on the boulevards
-the big inside market at Victor Hugo (go on Sundays - cheese, meats, fruits, veggies, wines and my all time fave, Cadenet bread)
-Maison Fournier boulangerie (best. baguettes. ever.)
-Place St Pierre (just for old times - this is where Copain and I first met...awwww)
-Place St Georges - get a méli-mélo pie plate and tea at the tea house on the left
-Canal du Midi...take a bike and follow it forever
-Jardin des Plantes - to watch kids play on the weekends

Cannes (my town that never felt French)
-the old town (for a touch of charm after the glam of La Croisette)

-Morrisons and Sun7 - the only two down home bars in town - no pretentiousness, just good music, good people and good beer

-take a walk up to the old town of Le Cannet (an uphill walk but so worth it for the cute factor when you finally arrive!)

-the beach - preferably one far from the crowds where Smelly and Smokey are not thisclose to your beach towel

-and since you are in town, you must see Le Palais des Festivals (and take your photo on the red carpet all Cannes Film Festival style)

-La Croisette - on a Sunday - take photos of the old folks, the crazy folks, and the crazier folks - great material for my French Riviera Fashion Report.

-La buvette at the Festival des Jeux - you stay classy Cannes!

-La Marché Forville - I used to wheel Gary (my caddy!) over there on weekends for my fresh fruit and veg..

Paris (the town I've always wanted to live in)
-La Place des Vosges (I love it here)

- 22 rue St Severin, 75005 (the narrowest house in Paris!) I have yet to visit but I sure am planning on it.

-any bridge - I LOVE the bridges here. Every time I walk over one I feel lucky to live here.

-Metro exit at Concorde, line 1 or 12. You walk out of the metro and into one of most beautiful scenes of  Paris - the Eif, La Concorde, Les Tuileries and the beginning of Les Champs Elysees (plus the American Embassy - swanky address for us Ricains.)

-Canal St Martin - such a cute little canal to follow and you feel like you are somewhere else

-rue Veille du Temple (I love the funky cafés and bars on this street even if I rarely go there)

-La Bastille. There's really nothing much to see, but I feel happy when I see it because it means I'm almost home. It also reminds me of some of my most memorable trips to Paris - my first trip here with Copain, the hotel I stayed in when I interviewed for a job here...

-Père Lachaise Cemetery - I know it's weird - I usually hate that kind of stuff. But this cemetery is pretty awesome - and some very famous peeps are buried here! Plus one of the streets around the outside is called "rue du repos" - repos meaning "rest".

-Bois de Vincennes - the woods - in Paris! with little boats, bikes, a chateau right next door! (okay, this is really in Vincennes but it's right next door to Paris and it's still on a metro line... so really...)

-Marché d'Aligre - lots of hootin and hollerin about fruits and veggies on this crazy market street!

I could list so many more but voila, that will do for now.

Bonne nuit mes amis...

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