La Quinzième Liste

List 15 - On My Shopping List...

Ah! One day too late! I just did my shopping last night!  So, instead of telling you what I'm going to buy, I'll just tell you what I did end up buying...

pesto (yummmm)
chèvre cheese (my fave)
paper towels
ratatouille (making your own in a pain in the buttocks)
quiche pastry (got home to find that Copain had hard boiled all of the eggs...so we had a savoury tarte instead - and I was only irritated for like 3.5 seconds, I promise)
non-fat plain yogurts (we are currently putting Copain's mom's coing (quince) jelly in them for flavor)
2 bags of salad (isn't washing salad annoying?)
1 can of tomatoes (for my quiche turned tarte)
butter (I was so annoyed that we were out of this on Sunday - especially since we had really tasty bread to eat it with!)

Things I resisted buying:
ice cream
pre-made quiche
full fat plain yogurts
sashimi (chemicals much?)
really fun salon shampoo
a new body wash gel (don't you just love testing all the different scents?)

One treat I bought today for my after-lunch snack:
really expensive strawberries - from Spain.  (carbon footprint not doing so well here...)

What we still need to buy:
more fruit (no apples please - I'm so sick of apples!!!)
Picard frozen veggies - no slicing, no dicing, just throw it in a pan and voila - insta-healthy dinner

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