La Quatorzième Liste

List 14: Things I Love About...


1. Even though he prefers to get dressed right when he wakes up in the morning, he hangs out in his PJs for awhile because he knows I like it.

2. When he gets up before me, he makes my coffee.

3. He made stuffed zucchini for dinner the other day and sent me an MMS of it before I got home.

4. He studies English - for fun.

5. Sometimes he'll try out random new vocab words- today he said: "What a lovely dinner we had tonight." (Lovely being the new word - he secretly wishes I had a British accent).

6. Speaking of British accents - one time on a walk home, he insisted that I speak with one so that he could try to learn how to speak with one too.  French Copain with a faux British accent - that's good stuff!

7.  He is on the hunt for the perfect haircut after having to deal with 6 years of bad army cuts from strange French hair salons (one guy's name was Serge).  Sometimes I get photos sent to me like this:

(what do you think of this haircut?)
ps - he totally got caught taking this picture - sorry random French dude.

8. He enjoys bailing get togethers early to go to bed too (geez we're getting old).

9. Worried that my old coffee pot was "rusting over" and "was cancerous", he ran out an got me a spiffy new one.

old one

new one

10. He may be even more sentimental than I am.

11. He can laugh at himself (yes, he laughed when he read this blog).

12. He puts up with me and my Pepto Bismol heads (and that my friends, is no easy feat).

13. He knew me when I didn't speak French and he didn't speak English. Not only was he a patient teacher but he let me yell about the French as much as I wanted after long day of understanding absolutely NOTHING.

14. He knew that the way to my heart was through chocolate cake - too bad this was part of what brought me to the purchase of the unisex Diesel jeans.

15. He loved me through the Diesel jeans episode and coached me through what I have now coined the French as the New Atkins theory.

16. He knows that I am too stubborn for my own good and always apologizes first - even if it was probably my fault to begin with. Then I feel bad and realize that I'm the a**hole.

17. He has totally admitted to his love affair with pens. Sometimes we stop at the school supply store so that he can test different models. Then I have to talk him about of buying a new one. Ultimately I fail and we come home with pens in four different colors. We now have about four drawers full of pens.  This used to bug me but now I find it endearing (until we have to move again and then I will be giving three drawers away to the Goodwill while he's out at the gym).

18. He fully accepts my love of baby blogs. (he may judge in secret, but that's okay, I judge me too).

19. He lets me make fun on him on my blog - because he knows that I love him anyway.

20. After confiding a GREAT name I came up with for our future child (a name that also happens to be the name of a metro stop in Paris), he proceeded to make fun of me for the next 5 blocks.  "oooh babe, I have a great name! how about we call her Assas like the street name! Or wait, how about we call her Vespa, like the motor bike?!" Yeah, I got told.  (and no, I'm not expecting a Vespa, not to worry parentals).

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