La Troisième Liste

Oh la la! List number TROIS!

La troisième liste: I am looking forward to...

  • taking another African dance class (I took my first one last night...still sore)
  • this weekend
  • finishing up my bank change (what a pain!)
  • more lists (since I'm 9 hours ahead I check the blog throughout the day...when will the new list be posted...hmmmmm)
  • getting an after-work drink ce soir
  • catching up with my momma - it has been too long
  • some time to enjoy Paris - I was gone last weekend, so I miss it. Hopefully this weekend I'll have some Paris time.
  • being a home/apartment-owner (will this EVER happen? who knows...especially in Paris)
  • watching the next episode of Californication (I thought this show was so bizarre, but now I'm hooked grace à Copain)
  • Sunday morning coffee in my robe + some random deco or personal makeover show (the kind of stuff that would make Copain groan with misery)

I think I need to be in a better mood to write this list....doesn't seem like I have much to look forward to does it?

Peace out peeps - going out for that drink I was talking about earlier...maybe some new things will occur to me...

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  1. Love the glimpses into Parisian life!!


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