La Deuxième Liste

Moving right along with list number TWO!

List number 2: Things I'm good at...

Planning (this is why I hate planning in my personal life...I do LOTS OF IT at work)
Being PC (got made fun of for this A LOT in college - just ask my roomies)
Finding the humor
Being a dork (but enjoy this much more when others join in)
Keeping quiet during movies (yes, this means I hate it when you talk during movies)
Making snickerdoodles (the Frenchies give these rave reviews - who knew?)
Worrying about others (motherhood gene?)
Making bulletin boards & posters (dot lettering? cutting and pasting? borders? yes please!)
Being alone
Finding the little things - a cup of coffee, a good dinner planned, a nice walk home, the scene from a Parisian bridge
Busting out in song...one word is all I need for a solo musical adventure

I have to admit that this list was not easy - I found myself thinking of all of the things I did badly and then trying to pass them off as something positive: I'm good at....never picking up my phone...being late...getting irritated easily. crap. That won't work at all. 

Why do we always focus on the negative?

Or - is that the Frenchie in me talking?? hmmmm


  1. what about DANCING?

  2. I don't know if I feel like I'm so good at that anymore...:-( but that's the negative talking again...sheesh!


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