La Vingt-Neuvième Liste

List 29: Favorite Foods

Oh oui! favorite foods - now that's a prompt I can get behind!


-tacos (Kam I'm with ya!), more specifically, my dad's homemade tacos (he makes the tortillas with masa!!)
-vegetable medley (mom's Thanksgiving standard)
-frozen melon balls from Picard (just add lime juice!)- amazing summer treat!
-Salsa Verde
-Jordan's cereal (the kind with nuts!)
-morning coffee
-millefeuille (or two...or five)
-amazing steak (rare) with rock salt
-salad - I seriously love salad (throw on some grated emmental and you got yourself a par-tay)
-Lou Perac cheese!!!!
-Tapioca, banana, coconut milk, cinnamon (a sort of pudding thingy)

my weird concoction! - except I added raisins :-)

-sour candies
-Galette des Rois! (Frangipane!!) (Anabelle - I totally understand!)
-hummus (everything tastes better with hummus)

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