La Trentième Liste

List 30: Today's To-Do List

Last list of my 30 Days of Lists challenge!! Though I didn't do one list per day (which was the initial goal) after this list, I will have completed each list on the challenge - mais oui!

So here we go - my 30th list of 30 days of Lists...un grand merci to Amy, Kam and Justine for creating this challenge that was fun fun fun :-)

Today's To-Do List...

-call my bank and close the account (this has been on the list for about a month - Copain keeps nagging me about it)

-fill out my vacation request at work (I HATE VACATION REQUESTS - I also hate planning vacations)

-blog my last lists!

-wax my legs??? hmmmm (I'm on a waxing kick...all Frenchie style)

-find flair for the video lip dub we are doing at work tomorrow (I will be making a fool of myself tomorrow morning in a very public part of Paris...and no, you are not invited)

-cut myself off from my Iphone for the night (it's becoming a dangerous obsession)

-get excited - tomorrow is Friday!! trop bien!

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