Shout Out - Le Monde est Petit

Funny thing about blogs - you read one, which leads you to another, which leads you to another.  It's like 6 degrees of separation - blogger style!

So here is how I came across Anabelle Tess of Pregnancy, Joy and Other Things, a Parisienne who happens to blog in English...

I often read this blog (blogger who has great bangs and inspired me to try to cut my own - insert scary music here)
which lead me to google this (how to cut your own bangs)
which lead me to this blogger, who also has this blog
and while I was reading this blogger, I found a comment by this person (a Frenchie who blogs in English)
and then a response by Anabelle Tess - commenting on why she blogs in English despite the fact that she is French! (see the comments at the bottom of the post)

When I saw that she was in Paris - I started reading...not only is she in Paris, but she just had a new baby (félicitations!) and her partner is American. Plus, she is creative (check out her other blogs!).

Le monde est petit non?  Merci pour le shout out Anabelle!

PS - I did end up cutting my bangs all by myself - quelle catastrophe.

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  1. Cutting your hair at home... Yes, why does it look so easy when she does it and pitiful when in my bathroom?... Arrh!

    Thanks for your post!


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