French Riviera Fashion Report Does Paris - Pigalle Style

Black is back my friends! If you're gonna do Pigalle, do it in style! Black pants, black shoes, black top, black jacket,  black long-hair comb-over - black! black! black! and obviously not just any black, black leather.

Make sure to throw in an accent color, preferably silver, and walk with an androgynous air.  The peeps at Pigalle will love you. Add in a faux bronzage (the oranger the better) and you've got yourself a personal par-tay for one.

Shout out to my Ricaine friend who "posed" for this photo! (see, that's her arm right there)

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  1. holy hell i think i know your friend in that picture!! haha way to capture the all black look...you know leather is gonna make it´s way to the states soon...


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