Copain the Cook

This week was my birthday week and in honor of my impending 29 years Copain decided that he would make a special dinner for me each night of the week.  He even created some suspense and anticipation by sending me texts of his fine dining creations while I was still at work...

With this enlarged photo you may be asking yourself what the hell is that? - but truth be told, with my tiny Iphone screen, I didn't know to worry.

Copain rolled up the mysterious stuffing to create a French version of the Hot Pocket.

He was very proud of his knowledge to add an egg yolk to the outside of the Hot Pocket to create a golden brown exterior - unfortunately,  he didn't realize that it needed to cook for over 40 minutes to attain that quality. He may also have missed the memo about brushing on the yolk.

At any rate, when I got home I was very touched by his effort to cook me something unique and somewhat complicated - only when I dug in my fork (after we cooked it for another 20 minutes that is), this is what I found:

Yes mes amis, that is calamari (mini squid) from Picard (French frozen food store) on a bed of spinach from a can wrapped in a pre-made crust.  No spices, no sauce -  just calamari, spinach and crust.

Even Belle-Mère was appalled (she asked him where on earth he got the recipe) which made me feel less guilty when I started taking photos of the "creation" for my blog.  Copain got slightly irate at the thought of me making fun of his calamari Hot Pocket on French Cannes Cannes (some yelling and angry dish washing followed) but eventually realized that perhaps it wasn't the best combination.

It still kind of baffles that the very next day I came home to a bowl of frozen muscles on the counter and some broccoli cooking on the stove...

Bon appetit?

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