Trop Nuls les Tropeziennes!!!

Copain went out to dinner with a friend tonight, so I decided that after work for me would be ...shopping time! I had scoped out a few tank tops at Monoprix that I wanted to buy.  (Monoprix = Target, Frenchie style). Somehow I also found myself at H&M with a new dress and three new belts, but back to Monoprix...

So, I was walking down rue de Rivoli, planning on going to the Monoprix at St Paul, enjoying the view of the cathedral when...BAM! My shoe broke! My 40 Euro Tropeziennes! What the ??!!!!!

I had two choices - venture across the street to André (a shoe store) and pray that it was still open, OR esperer that I was close to Monoprix and keep scooting along until I got there.  Only, I couldn't scoot - I could barely walk. I had so do this little knee lift thing, swing the sandal forward and then drop my foot down on top.  I tried to squeeze the toe part in-between my toes, but no luck - I looked like I had lost feeling in my leg or had endured some kind of momentary paralysis. Nice.

Finally! Monoprix! I knee-walked my way in and made a bee-line for the shoes.  Here were my choices:

-A sandal in the same Tropezienne style for 30 Euros, complete with some flower thingy on top

-A pair of Bensimon tennis shoes for 27 Euros - while they had white, navy and purple, the only ones in my size were, yep, you guessed it - PURPLE.

-A pair of expensive sandals for 50 Euros (my foot hung over the side)

-A pair of lavender espadrilles for 10 Euros (yes, lavender)

-A pair of Toms knock offs that looked like Grandpa slippers for 30 Euros (with no Tom's promise of a free pair of shoes for the shoeless kids!)

-A pair of bright white Keds knock offs for 20 Euros (I think the last time I wore Keds I was 8 years old in Mrs Collin's third grade class...)

Purple - dude.

I tip-toed barefoot around Monoprix hoping for a pair of cheap flip flops (5 Euros anyone?) - I even looked in the men's section and finally the children's section (hey, I girl can hope right?).  No luck. Nada.  I was thisclose to buying the expensive sandals but with that whole foot hanging off the edge situation I just couldn't justify a 50 Euro spend.  The lavender espadrilles seemed summery, but dude, Easter is over. 

My feet covered in dust, my ego just about buried, my phone rang - it was Seester! I told her the sad story - go with the Keds she said. Even if you wear them twice you've gotten your money's worth.  I limped to the check out counter, one shoe on one shoe off, weird stares all around me, paid my 20 Euros and promptly changed my shoes right there next to the purses. 

And blinded by the white of my brand new Keds, I walked all the way home....

Do they make your eyes hurt too?

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  1. Sorry for your shoes, but this was sooo funny to read, I'm glad they broke!


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