Email of Shame


You know when you are writing to someone and something feels just...I don't know...off?  Well, I was having one of those moments yesterday as I wrote an email about toilet paper (let's not even get into why I spend my time writing about toilet paper...).

I find that the longer I live in France, the more I make mistakes in English.  I'm always Googling words to verify my spelling or my where/wear - their/there/they're - it's/its - who's/whose.  It's rough. 

It makes me wonder about myself...could I be losing my English? I often have words on the tip of my tongue but just can't quite remember how to say something.  I know the word exists but ...ehhh...nope, can't find it. I'm just now thinking of a word I was searching for during a conversation this week - it has just now popped into my head: pro rata.  Only took me two days to find it! sheesh.

But back to the toilet paper...

I can now say with complete confidence that my most embarrassing moment yet is when I sent an email to a client and then realized (after the fact, bien sur) that I had called it a role of toilet paper about four times in the email. Oh yes, yes I did. 

Utter. Humiliation.


  1. Ah ah! But don't worry, I think people write in English making so many mistakes all the time (including/starting with me), it's almost like normal... So maybe your client will not even notice the "role" of toilet paper himself! Or maybe he has humor...

  2. Who nose? The role of toilet paper may be as important as the roll of toilet paper.


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