My Life in France, in Books

My Moomala was checking out my blog comments and decided to surprise me with Neither Here Nor There's suggestion of My Life in France by Julia Child.

I'm only on page 15, but I'm already excited to dive into this book! Boeuf bourguignon, France, an insanely tall woman (six-foot-two!) who worked for the CIA before it was called the CIA prepared to cook with the big guys at Le Cordon Bleu? What's not to love?

I'm also surprised that Julia was already 36 when she first arrived in France...somehow I love her even more for that.

What other woman would hold this ginormous fish and pose for a photo in her 1960's frock??

While unsuccessfully shopping for Julia's book on my own at Target, I also found this one that sounds up my alley:

At first I was skeptical, but the author actually lives in France so I feel I can trust her to correctly represent La France, French food and perhaps even a love story based there...on verra!

I know, I know, you're shocked to see me reading all of these actual books, I'm shocked too. To top off my big ol' book list is one final title that started as a blog. Amy of Lemon and Raspberry posted the link to my facebook page in case I didn't know about it already. Well, Moomala to the rescue once again (she's either very intuitive OR a very good facebook stalker)! I found the book sitting on my bed last night :-) Merci Maman! (and merci to Amy for the link!!)

Stuff Parisians Like by Olivier Magny

I haven't started it yet but something tells me it is going to be hilarious. Also, as opposed to the other books which were written by Americaines, this one was written by a full-blooded Frenchie. I'll keep you posted once I've reached la fin.

Hopefully this time I'll be able to balance all this actual book reading with my beloved blogs...on croise les doigts.

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  1. So you finally got a chance to read books! Blogs are just terrible, they take all your time and you end up with dusty books near your bed that you started reading uh... well... you don't even remember when, that's the saddest part :-)


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