This is America

well hello there, massive cow herd

The Interstate 5 freeway in all its glory

hmmm - Frenchies, want to weigh in here on this one?

Leave it to America to put motivational quotes on Halls wrappers.

Who wants some beef jerky? I think they may have some.

If not we'll just get you corn nuts or sunflower seeds.  Please narrow it down to five flavors.

Yogurtland, how I love thee.

Man Den in full effect.

Would you like some coke with your ice?

Ok maybe this is just my brother....
Perhaps they should go into marketing n'est pas?

Yes. I ate at a country cafe. My arteries may clog at any moment.

Americana in Santa Barbara

I always wondered...

The part of America I can actually get behind...

Ah, the good ol' newspaper stand - that no one uses anymore.

Because cleanliness is close to godliness - at least in America it is.

When you can't have the real thing, at least you have the gummy version.

We wouldn't expect anything less.

Still had a dial tone - we checked.

Only in America people.

I am horrified to say that my brother ordered this - biscuits and gravy. For breakfast. And I tasted it. oh god.

Gotta love a Santa Barbara hippie at the Farmer's market.

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  1. Ah ah, great pictures! Beef jerky, I tasted it once... Oh la la, so not French!
    And congratulations to your brother, I wish him "plein de bonheur" with his wife!


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