Shout out to A.T., the Fabulous Frenchie Cupcake-maker

Guess what peeps?! I am in the good ol' US of A, visiting the fam, eating my Papasan's cooking (tacos, tacos, tacos!) and just generally taking a chill pill.  It feels good to finally be en vacances - I was a crazy lady leading up to my much-needed getaway...so crazy that my French colleague thought I needed a pick-me-up and went out to Berko to buy me this:

As you can see, there is already one missing - I had to eat it about 2.5 seconds after opening the box.  They were tasty little suckers and they immediately made me think of Anabelle Tess, the master Frenchie cupcake-maker. Just check out her amazing creations!

I think Berko should hire her - for real.

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  1. Thank YOU!!! These cupcakes look so delicious and they make me want to spend the night baking some more... But no no no, I have to start thinking that at one point this summer I will want to go swimming and therefore I will have to wear a swimming suit and therefore I MUST stop thinking of cupcakes!


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