Il Faut Etre Parisienne Pour Savoir...

My Very Parisian Friend and I have been secretly passing by the Repetto store for months now, eyeing the beautiful ballerines that we would love to call our own.  She tells me how she wants the electric blue ones and I vary back and forth from practical, classic black and some fun shade of yellow or some boring shade of beige.

Le problème: they cost over 160 Euros a pop. mais oui mes amies, c'est vrai.

I sadly decided that a pair of Repetto flats was not in my future and started browsing the boots for winter,  but just last week my Very Parisian Friend came breezing into the office with a pair of ballerines très chic on her feet!

Behold mes amies:
Une paire de ballerines Hirica

Now, they are not exactly like the Repetto flats, but the leather is supple, the shoe looks great and the best part: they are made for comfort! (they even make Grandma shoes, just scroll down their catalogue). I'll admit that their branding needs a facelift and they have kind of snagged the Repetto dancer theme, but still, they are Made in France and I am getting some!

When I was trying to find information online, I came across this blog - Paris de Maman - who has sworn by Hirica flats throughout her pregnancy. Doesn't that seem promising for a daily Parisian walker with a herniated disc like me? Me thinks oui! (Scroll down the Paris de Maman page to see her wearing them...I can't link to the actual blog post for some reason :-( )

Here's the best part - they cost only 50 Euros (My Very Parisian Friend got them for 45!)

Chouette n'est pas?

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