Copain-isms - Parisian Pool Adventure

Since learning that my dance injury actually caused a herniated disc I've been trying to think of exercise I can do without exacerbating the problem. My American colleague who also suffered an injury from running had recently taken up swimming as an alternative and invited me to try it out with him in a local Parisian pool.

Beyond the many thoughts I had about germs while I was there, it was actually a pretty great experience.  Granted, I stayed in the petit bain instead of venturing off into a big girl swimming lane, but hey, you have to start somewhere!

When I got home Copain asked me about my Parisian pool adventure (laughed at me for staying in the petit bain) and then asked me,

So how did you like using my googles?


  1. I had to have my man explain me that one... very funny :)
    I am sure I have a lot of -isms myself ;-)

    Nice new picture by the way!

  2. You inspired me to mix it up a little bit with your new look! :-)

  3. ps - Isms are the one of the hilarious parts of a bi-lingual / bi-cultural relationship...what's a bummer is when you forget the really good ones. Hence, I'm writing them down :-) What are yours???!!


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