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Copain and I first went to Higuma on a recommendation from our born and raised Parisian friend. It was a rainy night in Paris and Copain and I (still Toulousains at this point) were winding our way through the streets trying to find what I thought would be a romantic dinner for two.

Then we arrived at Higuma and there was a huge line out the door and this in the window:

Plastic food displays...yummy?

Long story short - I did not love Higuma.  Yes, the prices were cheap and the food was good but dude, no ambiance what-so-ever. It was une cantine japonaise - NOT my romantic dinner for two.

While my first experience with Higuma was less than amazing (dinner only lasted 30 minutes, if that!), I have now come to love the restaurant and experience for what it is. Whenever Copain and I want to go out but not spend a lot, we go to Higuma.  Check it out:

Open kitchen - watch them expertly make the gyoza!

No frills service - but hey, it tastes good

My favorite spicy soup dish! Kimuchi Lamen...so tasty

Be prepared to wait about 10 minutes before you are seated - I've never been to Higuma without waiting in line out the door. Copain and I get one main dish each (we never leave hungry) and usually spend about 20 Euros total.  The bathrooms are less than stellar - but try to forget they're even there and focus on the food. 

Last time we went, we checked out the Japonese grocery store next door (I love international grocery stores!!) - all kinds of fun waiting to be had:

Rice rice and more rice!!

Black sesame ice cream...hmmm


Unfiltered saki - my fave

Want to go to Higuma and check out rue Sainte Anne?

32 bis rue Sainte Anne
75001 Paris

Tel: 01 58 62 49 22

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  1. I have to go to this restaurant!! My fav is Aki, but this soup looks so delicous!!! I can't wait to try it!
    Thanks for sharing.


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