Summer, When it ...Drizzles

I love Paris in the springtime
I love Paris in the fall
I love Paris in the summer when it ...drizzles....???

Paris is confused - one day it's warm and sunny, the next there's a chill in the air, the rain starts to fall and Paris puts on its dreary face.

Today Paris didn't know which was was up: this morning the sun was shining, but when I walked outside to get to the metro, I could feel the wind blowing and wished I'd brought a light sweater.  By the time I got into the office, it had warmed up and my colleague and I had to put on the fans to keep the air circulating tellement c'était humide.  Then, out of nowhere, rain, all the way through until I walked home at 7.30. Finally, by the time I could see Bastille, it had settled into an irritating drizzle.

La Bastille, on a better day...

It made me think of autumn in Paris and I instantly dreamt of black tights and derby shoes, my beige trench turning whatever outfit I'd thrown together into a chic tenue. 

How can it already feel like fall?

I so wanted a warm soupe, a fresh baguette and a good movie to cuddle up with on the canapé, but Copain was in a salad mood as we often are in summer. I came home to a cutting board full of cucumbers. Tant pis. 

I guess I should take advantage of the little bit of été we have left...drizzles and all...

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