Lai Thai - Sunday Zen-day

For Noël last year (my first Noël with Copain), my Belle Mère and Beau Père offered me a Smartbox with the theme "Bien Etre" (Well Being). I guess I seriously needed it because I didn't find time in my life to use it until today. Sheesh.

Let's admit it - I'm also crap at making rendez-vous. I've spent so much of my life planning - for myself and for others - that I CANNOT STAND making plans. I absolutely hate it.  Unfortunately, most important things require planning...it's irritating.

Anyways, back to my massage.

Lai Thai was able to take me at the last minute (normally they ask for a week's notice!).  I arrived a full-on American in my work out pants and Nikes. Thankfully it was Sunday, when Parisians are a bit more forgiving of the frumpy outfit.  Upon arrival, you take off your shoes and they lead you downstairs to the massage areas. You put on your super-chic slip jetable (disposable underwear) and then voila - one hour of relaxation in la-la-land.

My favorite part was the stretching at the end - just like partner stretching in dance class (ah, how I miss it!) and the hot towel that they use on your face, chest and back to finish the massage. Finally, to wrap up the experience, you get this adorable little Thai fruit plate and thé vert (green tea).

As I was eating my fruit plate, one of the other clients was putting on her shoes.  The receptionist commented on her flexibility and the client told her that she was a contemporary dancer - she came to get a massage for all her sore muscles.  I soooo wanted to ask her where she danced, with who, could I come? 

But I didn't.  That would have been very American of me.  sigh.

Feeling like you need a zen moment?

Lai Thai
20 passage de la Bonne Graine
75011 Paris
Tel: 01 45 77 72 06
Metro: Ledru Rollin (line 8)

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