Rockeuse Parisienne

I never paint my nails - because when I do, this is what happens:

Copain, who digs the painted nail look, told me, "Ce n'est pas grave, ça fait rock star."  No biggie, makes you look like a rock star.

That's me, mes amis, la rockeuse parisienne.


  1. I really like that ring! Mind if I ask where you found it?

  2. Salut Mel :-) It was a fancy gift from Copain...I'm almost embarrassed to say - it's from my Cannes days when we lived by the Croisette. He got it for me at Hermes (but not before he contemplated asking me to go home and change into something nicer so that we didn't feel like fools walking into the store!!) Can you tell we're not usually fancy people??


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