La Victoire

At the end of my physical therapy session today, my kiné slapped her hand on her forehead and said, "oh la la! We were supposed to use the "tu!".  (insert return of the awkward feeling here- why does she keep doing this?!)  I once again reiterated the fact that ce n'était pas grave - it wasn't a big deal.  I told her that after 7 years in France, I just still couldn't quite get the hang of this tu/vous business.  She told me that she still hadn't gotten the hang of it after 33 years... then, like music to my ears, she said, " Tu as ta carte vitale?".

That's what I like to call victory ladies and gents.


  1. Woo Hoo!! You just had to muddle through the awkward moments.....and it sounds like you did it with your head held high. A victory for sure! Xo

  2. Ah ah! Great! She made a big step there :)


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