Tu Veux Un Update?

After my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad experience with Le Vous at my physical therapist's office, I was absolutely DREADING my RDV last Thursday.  I gave myself a pep talk before going in her office and I basically pretended like nothing had gone wrong last time ...no I had not inappropriately told her that she could tutoyer me, no there had not been a million awkward moments that followed.

She gave me a bizarre "Bonjour" as she walked through the waiting room to wash her hands and we didn't mention it once during my therapy session - so far, so good.

Then Monday happened.

We were doing the electrodes whilst she gave me the mini-massage (so that we would have time for "exercise"), when she said, "On s'est dit qu'on aller se tutoyer, non?" (We said we were going to use the tu, didn't we?).  Oh. Dear. God. Why does this happen to me?

Then, just to up the awkward ante a little more, I said, "Oh yes, we did, but last time I felt like maybe you didn't feel comfortable with that.  And you're right, it is hard to switch.".

Then we used the vous. For the entire rest of the session.

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