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I had plans to meet for un café with my Dancer Friend from Cali on Friday afternoon - I needed girl time, stat. Dancer Friend wanted to go someplace "fancy" and "girly", so I threw out the old staples as ideas: Angelina, LaDurée, Mariage Frères, A Priori Thé. And then I got smart and asked My Very Parisian Friend for her suggestions...

She sent us to La Jacobine on rue Saint André des Arts, near Odéon, for a very 6ème arrondissement approach to café entre copines. 

While we had a bit of trouble finding it - probably because we were gabbing instead of looking for addresses, and also because I had forgotten that it was located in a covered passageway (so charming!), it was worth the search!

We both ordered the same dessert - crumble poire, bananes et chocolat (a pear, banana and chocolate crumble!) - and then threw a slight variation on the coffees: I got a café crème and she got the fancier cappuccino with a little shake of chocolate powder on top. When were were served, we knew we'd made the right choice - the crumble smell was trop, trop bon!

Big ol' crumble with a little bowl of crème fraiche

Mine stuck together a bit more - both were délicieux!

Café crème - with a mini speculoos poking out on the left

Fancy cappuccino

The servers were kind, the ambiance was cosy and the music was just right...we thoroughly enjoyed our crumbles and I will certainly be back.  The prices were in line with the neighborhood norms - so, slightly high if you're just a girl from the 11ème, like me.  But it was worth it!  Crumbles - 8.50 Euros each (we could have shared though), and coffees - 4.50 Euros each.

Want to try out La Jacobine - it comes recommended by My Very Parisian Friend!
59-61 rue Saint André des Arts
75006 Paris
Tel: 01 46 34 15 95

Sidenote - I didn't test out les toilettes, but if it's in the 6ème, I'm thinking they probably pass the test!

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  1. Yum!! You don't see crème fraiche a whole lot here in the states! And your coffee! Sigh - I gave up caffeine for a while and soooo miss coffee!!


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