Cannes Cannes' Creations - Crocheting for Baby

I've told you about my lifelong copine who is pregnant with her first baby. She and her mari recently came to visit us in Paris and we had a great time running around in the rain and eating lots of amazing French food.  It was so fun to show them where I've been living and what our lives are like way over here in France.  

Now, I'm gearing up for my trip home for Christmas and guess what - she is due the day before I land! The timing couldn't be better, especially for someone like me, who generally misses the big family "life events" since I'm so far away.  This copine is my first close American childhood friend to have a baby.  So exciting!  Since I missed the baby shower, I'm planning on showering her with gifts over Christmas and I already have one gift in the works...(don't worry, she doesn't even have Facebook, I doubt she's reading the blog!).  I decided that I wanted to make her a baby blanket.  Here is the tricky part - my friend is the pickiest person on the face of the planet.  She is a self-declared picky person, so she won't mind that I'm telling you.  The woman knows what she likes and that is that. 

She is very set on "keeping with the color palette" of the baby's room - a room that includes only one pink thing. One. pink. thing.  So, I dared not make a pink blanket - she hates the color pink.  Instead, I went on the hunt for yarn in  grays and blues to match the bed set she purchased at Dwell Studio. After a bit of Googling, I found a place that sells yarn at great prices (since I didn't know how many skeins I'd need and I also didn't know if I'd get it right the first time, I wanted to get something affordable but good quality and soft for baby).

I went to Cat'laine, 19 rue Saint Marc, 75002 Paris, metro Bourse or Richelieu Drouot.  Let me tell you, it was THE place to be on Saturday - the place was packed! They had lots of fun colors and textures to choose from, but I went with something simple - gray and this light blue/turquoise that also has little flecks of gray weaved throughout. 

My pelotes de laine from Cat'laine

I hadn't crocheted in a really long time, so I searched for a little "how to" guide on Youtube - wealth of knowledge I tell you! I got started with this video (thank you Knit Witch!) and then I learned how to do the basket weave pattern using this video (Thanks All Free Crochet!) - not bad if I do say so myself:

I think I'm going to do a stripe of gray and then a stripe of blue, but who knows, I claim artistic license :-)  I'll keep you posted as I move along in my blanket creation. I've already messed up a bit - I made my initial crochet chain too long and now this baby blanket is going to be more like a toddler blanket. But hey, I guess that just means that she'll get more use out of it!

Crocheting baby blankets - it's a dying art, don't you think? I'm bringin' it back!


  1. Wow, I love it! Thanks for the links! And you're right, it's better that the blanket is bigger because it goes too fast with babies :)

  2. Thanks Anabelle :-) I just have to stay motivated so that I finish it on time! So far, it's a perfect winter craft!

  3. It is! I am trying to knit a winter hat for my baby but I can't seem to find more than five minutes a day to do it :(


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