The Simple Things à Paris

My copine and her mari left for Rome yesterday and we miss them already. It was great having a lifelong friend visit me in Paris - six months pregnant and all!

We did all of the touristy things - Eiffel Tower, Bateau Mouche, Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysées, but one of my favorite nights was when they just came to our mini-apartment and we ate chicken, an amazing Huré baguette and patisseries from my local bakery for dessert. These are the times when I ask myself why we don't live closer...

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  1. Reading this, it makes me think that I wanted to give you some ideas of things to do with your pregant friend since I know a little bit about that ;-)
    I was so busy these last days, I only had time to glance at my favorite blogs but couldn't do anything more. But I can see that you guys had plenty of things to do and I am happy your friends enjoyed their trip here. Anyway, I am sure nothing could please a pregnant woman more than French patisseries.


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