Paris Eats - Sushi Style

It's not often that I'm willing to trek to the 14th arrondissement for dinner out - but somehow, Copain convinced me that this sushi would be worth it.  And you know what? He was RIGHT.

When we arrived, we checked out the menu in the window and tried to decide what we would order.  A girl outside smoking a cigarette overheard our conversation and told us that the place "was excellent" and that we should definitely eat there.  So... we did.

It was full, full, full, all the way to the back - we were lucky to get a seat at the sushi bar! The servers and the sushi chefs were the real thing - Japanese all the way (right down to the very cool pony tails they were sporting).  Copain practiced his Japanese (learned from watching too many Mangas), while we waited for our food:

Our view of the goods

We got two platters - one sashimi and one sushi with the "superior" fish. Why go to sushi if you're not going for superior sushi?!

Close up on the sashimi

Close up on the sushi

The service was very friendly and the sushi, which was made right in front of us, didn't take long to be served.  We were in sushi heaven.  We also got some miso and rice to round out the meal.  

If you are looking for a delish, authentic sushi experience, go to Toritcho!! (Also, make a reservation - we were super lucky to find a spot at the bar, but next time, we are going reservation style).

Toilet report: I was very impressed with the "Sani-siège" in the women's bathroom (a self-cleaning toilet seat!), but I didn't want to push the button to see if it worked.  Toilet rating: thumbs up for Paris!

47 rue du Montparnasse
75014 Paris
Tel: 01 43 21 29 97
Metro: Gaïté (line 13), Montparnasse (lines 4, 6, 12, 13) or Edgar Quinet (line 6)

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  1. Yum! My mouth is watering! Thanks for the reco. Haven't had sushi in Paris yet and I think it is well overdue. Bonne journee!


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