Stella the Steamer

Copain is generally on a tirade.  First is was the "saving electricity by never heating the house" tirade, then it was the "don't put your cell phone near your head or you could get cancer" tirade, now it's the "let's steam our food because it's better for our health" tirade.

Confession: All of his tirade-ing makes me... tired.

It all started so innocently.  He was looking on the C-discount website, searching for a new bag-less vacuum.  Then I started receiving emails like this:

From: Copain

Hey babe, check out this link! Wouldn't this be so cool?!

When I didn't respond, I started getting text messages:

From: Copain

Did you check your email?

Then one day, I came home and there was a box on the floor. Copain opened the box, put our coffee-maker in the cabinet to make room on the kitchen counter, and with a grin on his face, unloaded the contents of the box.

This is Stella the Steamer - we are not friends:

Copain has declared that he will now be cooking for the household (apparently my cooking is too fatty and unhealthy, you know, because of the olive oil). He went straight to Picard and purchased salmon and veggies.  He also went to the marché and bought three heads of broccoli (a first I believe).  Then he asked me to help him cook dinner (did I miss something?).

He took special pains to show me how much water to put in Stella. Then he proudly displayed the fat trap and demonstrated how it works.  Then he asked me to cut the broccoli.

Yesterday we had salmon, broccoli and rice.  Today we had some kind of white fish, peas and carrots and broccoli.  I insisted we make some soup because I couldn't take the repetition of fish and mushy vegetables. I also announced that I would be making dinner and that we would be having pizza.

Stella - I am the woman of the house! Just remember that...


  1. Listen to this nutrition podcast ... these ladies are ALL about the GOOD fats like olive oil.
    Evidence. :)

    good luck!

  2. Hahahaha! It looks like it needs its own room! And, really, the coffee machine was relegated to the cupboard?!? Insanity, I say, insanity!

  3. Total insanity! I'm going to swap Copain's morning radio for nutrition podcasts!!! I'm so tired of fish and veggies :-(

  4. Ah ah ah! It's new that men want to eat healthy! Mine is the same, but whenever he cooks (which happens quite often), he fries everything - that's the American in him I guess :)
    But I think your Copain is right and it's good to have food "à la vapeur", but maybe not everyday...
    Love the name of the steamer :)


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