Three-Day Weekend - 0 Plans

Copain is visiting Toulouse this weekend, which means that I am toute seule for three days.  November 11th is a holiday in France as it marks the end of WWI. l'Armistice - signed between the Allies and Germany on the "eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month" takes an even greater meaning this year, 2011.

I would usually be excited for a three-day weekend- even one I spent alone-  but you know what they say about too much of a good thing... last weekend Copain was in London AND though we didn't have a three-day weekend, we did have the first of November off of work.  Let's just say I did a lot of blog reading and way too much eating at restaurants. My pocketbook is a leeetle bit triste these days (and my hip flexors hurt from too much sitting! That just can't be healthy.)

I vowed to myself that I would NOT spend this weekend the same way - that I would motivate myself to Get Off Thy Couch and Discover La Ville de Paris - but as you can see from this here blog post, I am typing. on my couch. in my pajamas.  (with coffee!). I promise it's not as depressing as it sounds: I also have a home-made muffin.

See, I'm pretty sure I know what my problem is: I hate to plan. I literally CANNOT stand it. My entire life has been planned, all the way to college.  Not one minute of my time was just "free time" to do whatever my heart desired. Result: when I got to college, I said "no" to everything.  The thought of being committed to anything freaked me out.  What if I said yes and then didn't want to go the day of?! Oh the horror! The stress! So I just said, "no" or "perhaps" - you know, to be all vague-like.  I still haven't managed to fix this problem. What makes matters worse is that I'm really good at planning - for things like my job, events, schedules.  I can type you up an operations document with all the details, like wow. But ask me to do it for my own life - ahhhhhh, I run the other way.  I can hardly make a dentist appointment people.

Yesterday, I gave myself two mental stars for making - wait for it- not only an eye appointment, but also a specialist appointment for my back. What I couldn't manage though, was planning something for this weekend. That was just waaaay to much to ask. I had ideas of grandeur - a girls weekend with a long lost copine! A weekend overnight somewhere new! But nope, nada.  You're probably wondering why I didn't just go with Copain.  Well, almost every time we see his parents, we both go together. I figured that it would be nice for them to spend time, just them. I know that sometimes I like to see my family alone - I can take walks with my Dad, have girl days with my Mom and Seester, and yell at my Bro for drinking milk straight out of the container. I can hang out with girlfriends, just us. So this is his time and then, we will spend Christmas together with my family in the states.

Obviously, I have some work to do - on myself. Suggestions on how to get over this horrible fear of planning??


Wow, thank goodness for good friends - this just in, texto-style (literally!) - I have plans for the day! (three cheers!).  I'm off to eat Bo bun with My Very Parisian Friend and then make gaufres (waffles!) with kids for the gouter! Phew, I guess I just side-stepped the all-day couch land mine; you're welcome hip-flexors. Thank goodness for friends who can plan.  Now for Saturday and Sunday...

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  1. I'm not going to be a great help, because like you I have a problem with planning. I love having things planned, but I get stressed out with the timing (I have a thing with being "ready" and on time, it's an obsession) and then I almost wish I had nothing planned - you can't win :)

    But I'm glad you finally have good plans, even though I think there's nothing wrong with a lazy weekend :)

    So have a great 3 days weekend!


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