Paris Eats - Bo Bun Nem Style!

My Very Parisian Friend is a genius I say! Yesterday she suggested that we meet up for a Bo Bun over at Saveurs d'Asie in the 5th arrondissement - you see, it's her hood, la pauvre. We had been here together once before, but I hadn't taken photos or taken note for the ol' blog. When I got there, she was already one beer in  while at the same time, sporting her super-chic St James sweater. I love her, I tell you.

Behold mesdames, messieurs - the amazingness of The Bo Bun Nems!

Yummy sauce, beef, vermicelles (rice noodles), mint, lemongrass, cucumber, salad, carrots, nems - and the clincher - peanuts on top! 

Saveurs d'Asie is a funky little place, hidden down in a little niche on Place Maubert. You literally have to go down about 6 steps to get there.  If you're lost, ask anyone who looks chic enough to live in the 5th arrondissement where to find the place with the best Pho soup or the best Bo Bun. I had to do this once and it totally worked! Everyone knows this place - it's that good people.

Besides the whole, hidden aspect of the restaurant, you should also know that there are two sides to it: one side (the left) is a "cantine" - low key, no ambiance, very tiny; the other side (the right, duh) is an actual restaurant.  I've been to both and I'm not sure why, but for some reason, the cantine rocks it so much more than the restaurant. Go cantine all the way!  Take note, however - the cantine is not open for dinner! Also note, if you need to use les toilettes, they are only located in the restaurant, so you may have to take a little trip next door. 

My Very Parisian Friend and I both got the Bo Bun Nems for 11 Euros each - totally worth every euro.  Then, for dessert, we got my favorite, which I have also tried to recreate at home. I can't for the life of me, remember the name of the dessert, but basically it is tapioca, bananas and coconut milk, sprinkled with peanuts and served hot.  To Die For OMG. I only took a few bites because afterwards, I had big plans to eat waffles with my favorite kiddos in Paris! But wow, did I want an entire bowl for myself. 

Tapioca yumminess at the top of the photo, my café crème at the bottom...

Feel like treating yourself to a Bo Bun?  Here you go!

Saveurs d'Asie
29 Place Maubert
75005 Paris
Metro: Maubert Mutualité (line 10)

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