Cannes Cannes' Creations - Muffins with Coconut Oil

I wanted to give you a coconut oil update! I just tried making muffins, and while I was a little concerned at first (can I microwave coconut oil to soften it?!), they turned out great!

Check it out:

It was really an improv recipe - some coconut oil, brown sugar, vanilla, salt, baking soda, 1 egg and some milk for the base; then I added raisins, softened pears, cinnamon, oats, flour and corn flour. Since I eat these for breakfast, I added various seeds on top for a little more va-va-voom to my morning (flax seed, sunflower seeds). Voila! I baked them until they looked done and then promptly taste-tested one.

FCC says: trop bon! They were fluffier than my normal muffins that I usually make with butter, but the taste was richer somehow.  I'm so happy that my coconut oil adventure worked! Merci Alt-Mama!

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