Inspiration at the Parc Floral

Despite my overwhelming desire to brave the soldes again on Sunday, Copain convinced me to hop on a bike and pedal our way down the the Bois de Vincennes. Initially, I was irritated - my life-changing coat was awaiting me at Comptoir des Cotonniers! But my bad attitude quickly dissipated when we arrived at the Parc Floral right next door and saw all of this goodness:

coucou L'oie!

They were a little territorial..

chillin. Ps - have you ever seen a swan's "foot"? weeeeird

He let us get veeery close.

Greenhouse in the park

We found curious creations all over the park - who did this?

It reminded me of my choreography classes in college... what movement would this bundle inspire?!

It was like a boat of treasures...

My favorite part...

I was glad we'd taken some time out of the city - away from the horrible soldes- to ride bikes, watch kids play and explore the curiosities ourselves. It made me think that we should always reserve one day of the week to get back to what's important and enjoy the small things, that are actually, the most amazing. 

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  1. I love le Parc Floral, I have to take the kids and see these amazing sculptures. Yes you are right, we need to pay more attention to the small things :)


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